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Conference Announcement: "Hada and Southern Mongolian National Liberation Movement"

CECC Annual Report 2019 excerpts on Southern Mongolian human rights

SMHRIC statement at the Human Rights Day Rally in New York

SMHRIC statement at the UN Forum on Minority Issues 12th Session in Geneva

Obstacles to Excellence: Academic Freedom and China's Quest for World-class Universities

Poet detained and placed under house arrest

Writer sentenced for "national separatism" and "illegal business"

China arrests Mongolian historian

Enghebatu speaks at the Hong Kong rally in New York

Two more WeChat group administrators detained

Activist placed under criminal detention for "picking quarrels and provoking troubles"

Writer placed under criminal detention for defending herders' rights

Writer tried behind closed doors as "national separatist", pending trial

SMHRIC statement at the Uyghur rally in Washington DC

SMHRIC statement at the Tibetan National Uprising Day March

Southern Mongolian school under investigation for hanging flag of independent Mongolia

SMHRIC statement at Interethnic/Interfaith Conference in Rayburn House Office Building

SMHRIC statement at UN Forum on Minority Issues 11th Session and Chinese delegate's response

Need to end China's long gagme on human rights: Geneva Human Rights Forum

Joint Press Statement - China UPR

SMHRIC statement at "Resist Xi Jinping - Dictator of Unfree World"

CERD China review questions and concluding observation excerpts regarding Southern Mongolia

Specific cases of China's violation of rights of the Mongolians

Southern Mongolian author is putting historical inquiry on trial

SMHRIC full submission to CERD 96th Session China review

Southern Mongolian writer faces changes of "national separatism" and "sabotaging national unity"

International conference on Southern Mongolian issues held in U.S.A.

2,000 teachers took to the streets in Southern Mongolia

Southern Mongolian delegate attends "Building Freedom, Democracy and Peace in Asia" Conference in India

Herders protest against the livestock grazing ban in Southern Mongolia

UNPO and SMHRIC submit joint report for UN Universal Periodic Review on China

Testimonies of Mongolian victims of Chinese land grab (1): Cases of four jailed herders

Letter of Protest to Japanese Children Cartoon Publisher Shogakukan

35 Mongolian herders tried, long sentences handed down

Mongolian language banned in schools, Internet posts removed

BOOK RELEASE: "Genocide on the Mongolian Steppe"

Enghebatu Togochog speaks at UN Forum on Minority Issues Side-event: "Native Language in a Contemporary World: Threats and Challenges for Youths"

Chinese delegation interrupts SMHRIC intervention at UN forum, GONGO "Ethnic Mongolian" member defends China
Southern Mongolian delegation at the European Parliament
Mongolian herders' land grabbed, livestock robbed
False Autonomy: China's Rule Over Southern Mongolia
Enghebatu Togochog's speech at the 30th anniversary of the Chinggis Khan Memorial Ceremony
CECC Annual Report 2017 excerpts on Southern Mongolian human rights
"I am guilty by Chinese laws, but I am not guilty before my people"
SMHRIC Resolution to UNPO General Assembly at Scottish Parliament
SMHRIC Statement at UNPO-TGP Conference at Scottish Parliament
Herders pepper-sprayed and beaten, nine arrested for defending land and water
Inner Mongolia has become China's model of assimilation
Herders protests spread, demanding justice across Southern Mongolia
Last Days on the Grassland - The Nomadic People Caught in the Crosshairs of China's Economic Boom
Herders protest afforestation project, 13 detained
3,000 Mongolians take to the streets, 30 arrested, protest continues
An appeal for public, clear opposition to China's rights record on Xi Jingping's visit
Imprisoned herders maintain innocence in appeal to Chinese high court
Death of The Woman Warrior
A Letter of Gratitude to the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center
A Statement of Solidarity from  a Tibetan, Uyghur, Southern Mongolian, and Chinese Activist
Statement of the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center (SMHRIC) to the US Congressional Executive Commission on China (CECC)
Outraged Mongolian herder killed four Chinese after being beaten
UNPO Side-event to UN Minority Forum Highlights Plight of Forgotten Minorities in Humanitarian Crises
Chinese delegation interrupts SMHRIC statement at UN Forum on Minority Issues
Parents protest appointment of Chinese principals and ban of Mongolian language in kindergartens
Hada's appeal to the People's Supreme Court of the People's Republic of China
Southern Mongolian human rights defender, dissident writer and activist Huuchinhuu died
Mongolian herders stage protest, demanding halt of COFCO pig farm project
"Way Out of Southern Mongolia" by Hada
500 police crack down on 300 herders protesting refinery
Crackdown escalates, more herders arrested for "inciting illegal gatherings via the Internet"
Herders blocked mines, six arrested and detained
Herders detained for involvement in "framing and denouncing the socialist regime"
Herders protest government officials' illegal occupation of grazing land
Taken away by police, herders accused of "national separatism"
China demolishes Mongolian herders' houses in freezing cold
Riding horses and camels, herders took to the streets in Southern Mongolia
Hada family goes on hunger strike on Human Rights Day
Herders' leader detained for "chatting via WeChat"
Joint statement by Southern Mongolian, Tibetan and Uyghur organizations at United Nations Committee Against Torture 56th Session
Anthrax vaccine overdosed, livestock wiped out
After 19 years of imprisonment Hada still treated as prisoner
Mongolian dissident's son arrested and detained for "obstructing official business"
Rally: "Let Freedom Ring for Chinese, Tibetans, Uyghurs, Mongols and Taiwanese
Herders took to the streets, 20 some arrested
Hada: "Mongolia is a Great Nation"
Beijing Winter Olympics 2011 Bid: Joint Open Letter to International Olympic Committee
China fences in its nomads, and an ancient life withers
XII UNPO GA Adopts General Resolution and Elects New Presidency
Resolution on Southern Mongolia presented to UNPO General Assembly
UNPO Covenant signed by nine new members at XII UNPO General Assembly in Brussels
Hada answers Hindustan Times reporter Sutirtho Patranobis's interviews
Protests spread across Southern Mongolia, many arrested
Presentations of SMHRIC representatives at 10th Interethnic Interfaith Leadership Conference
In China, a tug of war over coal gas: Cleaner air but worse for the climate
China denies ethnic Mongolian dissident a passport to seek medical help
One reported dead after pollution protest in northern China
2000 police mobilized, 100 people injured, 50 arrested, 1 killed, Internet cut off, highways shutdown in Naiman Banner of Southern Mongolia
In China's Inner Mongolia, mining spells misery for traditional herders
Defiant former political prisoner remains true to Mongolian cause
'Mongolians in China are not free'
Enghebatu Togochog's statement at UN Side-event "Human Rights Situation of Minorities under People's Republic of China"
The Mongols (in China): Bringing the Massacre of Jindandao to light
Mongolian dissident Hada in appeal to UN over harassment
Mongolian police arrest 8 citizens in front of Chinese Embassy
Protests escalate, 15 arrested, 6 detained
Herder hanged himself at government building gate, over 30 arrested in protest in the regional capital
Mongolian herders held simultaneous protests
Herders stage protest in Beijing against the seizure of grazing lands
Statements from Southern Mongolian dissident writer Huuchinhuu Govruud
Hada's video statement on lawsuit against the Chinese authorities
Video statements by Hada and Xinna (with English subtitles and texts)
Hada, discharged from “black jail”, but not free
Family uncertain over fate of veteran Mongolian dissident
SMHRIC Statement to the Forum on Minority Issues Side Event: Systemic State Oppression of Minorities
Statements of Enghebatu Togochog to the United Nations Forum on Minority Issues 7th Session
One more Southern Mongolian herder killed by Chinese mining truck
"I have three demands for Xi Jinping"
Herders protest economic injustices
We Stand With You: A Statement of Solidarity with Hong Kong Protesters from a Tibetan, Uyghur, Southern Mongolian and Chinese
"True nature of the Inner Mongolian authorities' 'stability maintenance' is itself against the law"
Factories investigated for 'emptying waste water into Inner Mongolia desert'
Rare Birds Die en Masse near Sewage Lake in Inner Mongolia
Chinese railway employee fired for hate prejudice and racism against Mongolians
Herders protest military base, one detained for posting messages online
Hada's family members harassed by Chinese Internet police
Rocket crashes in China's Inner Mongolia: Eyewitnesses
Mongolian herders take to the streets to demand protection of grazing land
Open letter from Hada and his family members
"Where is My Homeland?": Alhaa Norovtseren Fears the Power of China in Mongolia
Statement by the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center (SMHRIC) to the United Nations Human Rights Council
P.R.China-Mongolia Extradition Treaty
Two Southern Mongolian exiles deported from Mongolia to China
Southern Mongolian exile chooses self-immolation over deportation
Chinese authorities on high alert for possible Mongolian unrest
Protesting herders stopped by machine guns
Resisting land grab, at least 48 Mongolian herders arrested
Fresh wave of herders' protests erupts following Chinese Premier's visit to Southern Mongolia
Video clip (Part 2): Xinna speaks on her family situation and Hada's case
Photos of Southern Mongolian political prisoner Hada and his family members
Video clip (Part 1): Xinna speaks on her family situation and Hada's case
Hada: "Ready to sue the authorities", Xinna: "Ready to go to jail again"
SMHRIC statement to the UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights to Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and Association
Award-winning Mongolian environmentalist gets 21 years for "terrorism"
Eco-warrior or eco-terrorist? Mongolia jails environmentalist for 21 years
Three more herders tried, facing imprisonments from 10 years to life in prison
Two other herders sentenced to 3 years in jail, one suffers from kidney failure
Prominent Mongolian environmentalist given 21-year jail sentence for 'terrorism'
Herders' protest put down, five arrested, one escapes in handcuffs
Herders sentenced to 1-2 years in prison following New Year's eve protests
Four herders released on bail, two still detained
Chinese regime protects land grabs and abuses in Inner Mongolia
Opposition in Inner Mongolia
Protesting Mongolian herders expelled from Beijing
Together We Lead the Change
Police beat back supporters in sensitive China land grab case
Herders' Trial Sheds Light on Chinese Land Grab in Inner Mongolia
China to try Mongol herders in new crackdown in troubled region
Herders tried, family member beaten amid high tension and tight security
Six herders to be tried, three more detained
"Escalating Repression and Continuing Resistance in Southern Mongolia" by Enghebatu Togochog
Chinese authorities mount anti-terrorism drill for "Peaceful and Stable Inner Mongolia"
Herders defending their grazing lands face long jail sentences
Former herder reveals perils of being a shaman in atheist China
100 days and counting, six Mongolian herders in detention for defending their grazing land
Inner Mongolia detains dozens in Communist party internet crackdown
52 netizens arrested for "spreading rumors", "sensationalizing conflicts", and "stirring up ethnic relations"
Mongolian herder's rights defender in poor health at Chinese detention center
Update to the murder of Bayanbaatar: Central Government involved, family rejects negotiation
One more Mongolian herder killed by the Chinese defending his grazing land
Netizens punished as Southern Mongolians protest Chinese immigration
Human rights abuses worsening in China, U.S. diplomats say
Clash erupts between Mongolian herders and Chinese police in Southern Mongolia
Thirty eight displaced herders from Zaruud Banner arrested and detained in protest
Children from U.K. sent birds to the Chinese authorities for Hada's release
Inner Mongolian asylum seekers shunned by ‘outer’ politics
Southern Mongolian historian on hunger strike in Mongolian jail
Mongolian herders beaten and injured in a clash with the Chinese
Chinese army to include digital forces in June military drill
Mongol-Tibetan Medical School Principal Imprisoned for Alleged Escape Attempt
Herders attacked while defending their grazing land
Southern Mongolians protest Chinese talk show host's disparaging comments
China says it is improving the lives of ethnic minorities in Inner Mongolia. Don't be fooled
Film Review: A Clear Sky --- Important Wake-up Call on Toll of China's Industrialization
Recent Activities of Amnesty International Group in Lyme Regis, UK on Hada's Case
U.S. Department of State Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Country Report on Human Rights Practice for 2012 (China)
Lawmakers Voice Worries Over Ties with Mongolia
Enghebatu Togochog's Speech at the United Nations Human Rights Council Side-event "Enforced Disappearance in China --- Vanishing Vulnerable Voices"
Dr. Chuluu Ujiyediin Speaks "Promoting Human Rights, Democracy and Freedom in East Turkistan, Tibet, Southern Mongolia and the People's Republic of China"
Enghebatu Togochog's Speech at "Promoting Human Rights, Democracy and Freedom in East Turkistan, Tibet, Southern Mongolia and the People's Republic of China"
Profiles in Dissidence: Why China is Crushing a Mongolian Intellectual
Herders Blocked from Protest Marches to Beijing
Herders' Protests Put Down, Internet Posts Removed
Hada and Family Members Still Missing
Enghebatu Togochog's Speech on Capitol Hill
Xi Faces Ethnic Crisis
Phone Interview with Ms. Hanshuulan, Hada’s Mother-in-Law (2013-01-22)
Proposed Legislation on Official Usage of the Mongolian Language in China about to Pass
Southern Mongolian Dissident Writer Wins Hellman/Hammett Grant
Seventeen Years Have Passed but Hada and Family are Still not Free
"Letters to My Brother" by Ms.Gowaa
Police Detain Nine Christians, Send Two to Labor Camp for Holding Free Medical Clinics & Evangelizing in Rural Inner Mongolia
Chinese Demand Mayor of Ulaanbaatar to Apologize for Criticism of Communism
Wife and Son of Hada Disappear Again
Xinna's Full Interview on Status of Her Family
Wife of Chinese Detained Activist Says He's Ill
Mongolian Herders Protest China’s Illegal Occupation of Their Land and Defamation of Their Ancestors
2,900 Mines Closed Down in China's Coal and Rare Earth Region
China's Mongolians Rap on Coal and Cash
Inner Mongolia Sinking under the Weight of Its Mining Industry
Death of Grasslands
Saving the Nomads Language
China Risking Water Crisis Due to Coal --- Greenpeace
China's Biggest Power Basis: Thriving on the Corpse of Grasslands
Slow Death of Grasslands Due to China's Coal Mining
UNPO Urges Bank Ki-moon to Speak up for the Rights of Mongolians, Tibetans and Uyghurs
Little Hu and The Mining of the Grassland
Tensions Rise between Mongolian Herders and Chinese Authorities
Herders Took to the Streets Again in Southern Mongolia
Plans Announced to Resettle China's Remaining Nomad Population
Southern Mongolians Fighting for the Right to Sign Documents in Mongolian
Hada Held in "Luxury Resort", Xinna Sentenced to 3 Year Term, Uiles Kept under House Arrest
Ethnic Mongolians in China Concern about Cultural Threats
Detainees Freed, but Informers Punished
Continuing Protest Met with More Government Violence in Southern Mongolia
Southern Mongolians Protest over Land Expropriation, 22 Arrested
Pollution the Big Barrier to Freer Trade in Rare Earth
Thinking About China --- OpEd
US, EU, Japan Launch Rare Earth WTO Case Against China
Rising Political Stars Step Out in Parliament
A New Hu? Official with Potential Strikes Populist Tone
Activist's Health Deteriorates
Hada's Health Declines under Extrajudicial Custody, Wife in Detention, Son under House Arrest, Relatives Harassed and Threatened
China Sheds Rare Light on Fate of Long-detained Dissident
Chinese Officials Hail Inner Mongolian Mining Crackdown a Success
WABC Radio John Batchelor Show Interview of Enghebatu Togochog on Southern Mongolian Issues
Chinese Defense Ministry Praised Border Control Capacity of Inner Mongolia Military Command
What is Happening in Southern Mongolia?
Effects of Rare Earth Curbs Spreading Chinese Export Limits Increasingly Affecting Japanese Makers of High Tech Products
An Excerpt from the Address of Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj, President of Mongolia, to the Mongolian Parliament at the 100 Year Anniversary of Restoring Mongolian National Freedom and Independence
Hada: "Don't Waste Your Time Coaxing Me!"
Buddhist Service in Memory of the Late Most Reverend Tsorj Lama (1911-1991)
Call for Inner Mongolian Activist’s Release
Popular Mongolian Sites Shut Down
Southern Mongolians Protested Worldwide
Huchinhuu's Son Pleads for Her Release, Asks for Media Attention and Public Support
China Protests Mongolia Visit by Dalai Lama
Worldwide Call to Protest the Killing of Zorigt
Herdsman’s Death Reported to Inspire Protests in Inner Mongolia
Mongolians Call for Protest After Herder's Death
Mongolians Netizens Rally for Protest Amid Rising Tension
Herdsman Killed by Truck
Group Charges Cover-up
Truck driver kills ethnic Mongol herder in China land dispute
Truck kills herder in Inner Mongolia China
Mongolian protester killed
Truck kills herder in China Inner Mongolia protest: group
Another Mongolian Herder Killed by Chinese Trucker
Inner Mongolian Right Activist Beaten in Secret Detention
Notes from an Expedition: All That Glitters
Dissident Writer Huuchinhuu Beaten Repeatedly
Inner Mongolian Cyber-dissident Often Beaten, Famous Human Rights Lawyer Still Missing
President Elbegdorj Vague on the Question of Mongolia's Policy Towards Southern Mongolian Asylum Seekers
Dissident Suffers Beatings in Detention
Two Southern Mongolian Writers Awarded Human Rights Watch Hellman-Hammett Grant
Warning Over Shrinking Grassland
Mongolians Struggle Under Chinese Rule
Is "Southern Mongolia's Today Independent Country of Mongolia's Tomorrow?"
Normal School Graduates Protest to Demand Jobs in Southern Mongolia
Fresh Protest by Mongolian Herders, Dozens Hospitalized
First Visit in Five Months, Family Member Meets with Xinna, Wife of Hada
China Offers $500 Million Loan in Return for a Promise to Deny Sanctuary to Southern (Inner) Mongolians?
New Round of Herders' Protest Erupts in Southern Mongolia
Many Arrested, Some Fled After Protests in Southern Mongolia
Rap Song Dedicated to Mergen Banned
Arjia Renpoche Held Prayer for Mergen and Called on to Fellow Mongolians to Refrain from Further Resistance
Protests Continued Tuesday Under Heavy Police and Military Presence (New Photos Available)
Worldwide Call to Protest the Killing of Mergen
Martial Law in Southern Mongolia, but Protests Continue
May 29: Protests Spread China's Mongolian Region, More Cities Under Martial Law (New Photos Available)
Latest Update on the Situation in Southern Mongolia, New Photos Available (May 28, 2011)
Parts of Inner Mongolia "Under Martial Law" as Protests Spread
Hundreds More Herders Take to the Streets Today, a Dozen Injured in Clash with Police Yesterday
Protests Spread in Southern Mongolia, Thousands More Take to the Streets
Thousands of Southern Mongolian Students Take to the Streets to Demand Herders' Rights
Herders Take to the Streets, Four Arrested
Herders Clash with Truckers
Mongolian Herder Brutally Killed by Chinese Coal Truck Driver
China Locks Up Family of Mongolian Activist: Rights Group
Authorities Holding Hada's Son and Wife, Brought Charges Last January
China Criticizes German Over Detained Artist
Hada is Still Held in a Secret Jail, Wife and Son Formally Arrested
UNHCR Encourages Mongolian Parliamentary Support for 1951 Convention
UNHCR Employee Admits Ulaanbaatar Office's Role in the Arrest and Deportation of an Asylum Applicant, Deportee Suggests That UNHCR Provided Asylum Seeker's Information to the Chinese Government
U.S. Embassy in China Raised Hada's Case to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs
James Anaya, United Nations Special Rapporteur on Rights of Indigenous Peoples: Sodmongol's Case
It's Official
Statement of SMHRIC Representative Sainbilig Batzargal in Front of Chinese Embassy in Netherlands
Chinese Authorities Keep Tight Grip on Former Prisoner of Conscience
CHINA: National Congress Urged to Consider Problem of Fundamental Rights
Video Interview of Missing Mongolian Dissident Hada Posted on YouTube
Claiming Genghis Khan
Tibetan Singer Released from Jail
Mongolian Dissident Writer Huuchinhuu Gone Missing
Interview with Batzangaa: Striking Details on How Mongolia and China Cooperate to Deport a Southern (Inner) Mongolian Exile Back to China
Batzangaa, a UN Refugee Status Applicant, Sentenced to 3-year Jail Term in China
Another Mongolian Activist Missing
Dissident Writer Missing
Voice Contact Made with Hada's Uncle and a Second Video Clip Received by SMHRIC
Mysterious Video Clip, Claimed to be of Hada, Received by SMHRIC
Southern Mongolian Dissident Writer, Author of "Forefront of Independence" Arrested and Detained
Human Rights must be a Top Priority on Hu Jintao's Visit
Deported United Nations Refugee Applicant Batzangaa Tried in China
Urgent Appeal to Fax/Email/Write to the White House Regarding the Detention of Hada
Demonstration for Held Worldwide for the Release of Hada and Others
Amnesty International: Fear of Disappearance of Activist and Family: Hada
Demonstration for the Release of Hada
Statement of Temtsiltu Shobtsuud, President of Inner Mongolian People's Party
Detention of Mongolian Dissident Hada and Family Reaches New Level of Violation
Official Met with Relatives, but Dissident's Whereabouts Disclosed
Hada's Family Reunion Pictures Online but Whereabouts Remain Unknown
Professor Yang Haiying, Shizuoka University, Named Recipient of Shiba Ryotaro Award
Release Data Passed and Ethnic Mongolian Political Prisoner's Status Unclear while Wife and Son Remain under Detention
"My 56th Birthday" by Huuchinhuu
Mongolian Dissident Confined to Hotel, Family Says
Authorities Urged to Resolve Mystery about What has Happened to Hada
China: Hada, a Mongolian Dissident "Disappears", after He was Released from Prison
Amnesty Presses China over Missing Mongolian Activist
China must Reveal Fate of Mongol Activist: Amnesty
Mongolian Dissident Hada Missing After "Release" by Chinese Regime
Where is Hada?
China must Reveal Whereabouts of Missing Mongolian Activist
Ethnic Mongolian Dissident Released by China is Missing
Mystery Surrounds Mongolian Dissident in China
Ethnic Mongolian Dissident in China Disappears
Mongolian Dissident Hada Missing After Scheduled Prison Release: Wife and Son Detained
China Embarrasses Itself with Nobel Actions
Fate of Key China Mongol Activist Unclear
China Releases Long-serving Dissident from Jail: Group
As Family Reports Detentions, No Word on Mongolian Activist's Prison Release in China
China Detains Family of Jailed Mongol Activist: Group
China Silent on Activist's Release
"My Worries" by Cheel Borjigin
Family Held in Detention
Imprisoned Journalist's Family Being Hounded in Run-up to His Release
Inner Mongolian Dissident's Family Targeted
Hada's Wife and Son Detained as Scheduled Release Approaches
Mongolian Activist's Son: China Police Took Mother
China Harassing Mongols Ahead of Dissident Release: Activist
Tension in Inner Mongolia about Activist's Imminent Release, Supporter Harassed
Author Under House Arrest
Southern Mongolian Dissident Detained and Put under House Arrest
Inner Mongolia has Spent 300 Million Yuan in 6 Months Maintaining Stability
International Symposium on "1913 Treaty Between Mongolia and Tibet" Held in Mongolia
CECC Annual Report 2010: Human Rights in IMAR
Southern Mongolian Lawyer Prevented from Leaving China
Xinna Talks on Banned Books
Xinna Talks on Mongolian Language Issues
Southern Mongolians Detained for Protesting in Beijing
[Chinese] Officials Denounce Foreign Media Reporting Inner Mongolian Herders and Farmers Facing Cultural Extinction
Amnesty International Groups' Action on Hada's Case
Mongolian Neo-Nazis: Anti-Chinese Sentiment Fuels Rise of Ultr-nationalism
Document-China: Ethnic Mongolian Activist Detained in China: Sodmongol
Desert's Stronger Grip Shakes Inner Mongolia
China Speeds up Clearing Nomads from Grasslands
Xinna's Prison Visitation Report
Autonomous China and Fight Over Heritage
Power of a Writer and PEN
Inner Mongolia, the Only Catholic Church in Ordos Demolished to Build a New Road
IMAR Says China's Investment Ratio of Chinese Peasants and Mongolian herders is 66:1
Mongolia's Uneasy Relationship with China
Disappearance of Mongolian Activist A Serious Concern
Indigenous Peoples Excluded From Political Power, Ejected From Lands, Faced Corporations Bent On Destroying Life-Giving Forests: 9th Session Of The United Nations Permanent Forum On Indigenous Issues
Urgent Letter from Asia Indigenous Peoples Caucus
Urgent Appeal of Global Indigenous Peoples Caucus of UNPFII 9th Session
Rights Group Urges China to Free Ethnic Mongolian Activist
China Stops Mongolian Activist Leaving Country
SMHRIC Statement to the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) 9th Session
Southern Mongolian Representative to the United Nations Conference Arrested at the Beijing Airport
Japanese Citizens Protest Edo Tokyo Museum "Exhibition of Chingghis Khaan and Mongolian Treasures"
Japanese Citizens Support Southern Mongolian Self-determination
Sandstorm Source is Back in Business
Beijing: Onslaught of Mongolian Cyclone
Tibetan Monk/Author to Speak in Knoxville
Chinese Police Admits Enormous Number of Spies
Liu Xingchen, County Police Chief: The "Three Ones" Model of Intelligence Gathering
Documents: The Case of Gankhuyag Bumuutseren
Former Chinese Spy Seeks Asylum in Toronto Church
Chinese Police Chief Boasts of Recruiting One in 33 Residents as Informants
Canadian Federal Court Document on Gankhuyag Bumuutseren's Case
Inner Mongolia Public Security Bureau Head Says: Our Policy is Take "preemptive and aggressive approaches"
Prison Visitation Report by Hada's Son Uiles
Xinna's Statement: Mongolian Culture is Ignored and Disrespected by Chinese Authorities
Mongolian Stores Raided During Obama's Visit
Open Letter to the President of Mongolia and Members of Mongolian Parliament
General D.Murun Says Mongolian Police Helped Chinese
Principal of Mongol-Tibetan Medical School Arrested in Mongolia by Chinese Police
Runaway Inner Mongolia School Principal Arrest for Fraud
Controversy over Arrest of Head of Tibetan Medical College
Enhebatu Togochog's Statement at Heritage Foundation
Tradition Fades as China Settles Nomads in Towns
Censorship and Attacks on Journalists in Run-up to 1 October Anniversary
Dissident Detained in Mongolia
US Congressional Executive Commission on China Annual Report 2009
Continuing Shutdown and Blocks of Mongolian Internet Sites by Chinese Government
Southern Mongolian Activist Placed under House Arrest for "Instigating Separatism"
Sit-down Strike by Hundreds of Southern Mongolian Herders
Three Thousand Year Old Mongolian Nomadic Way of Life Wiped Out by the Chinese Authorities within a Mere Decade: The Epoch Times Conference (1)
A Mongol Diplomatic Approach to the United States Written in 1952
In Inner Mongolia Justice Denied and then Delayed
The Mongols' Last Battle?
China Focus: Scholars Urge Improving Grassland Policies
Neo-Nazi of Mongolia: Swastikas against China
Looking at China Unrest from Mongolian Perch
Southern Mongolian Web Administer Questioned
China's Minority Ethnic, Racism and Sensibility
SMHRIC Statement for the 20th Tiananment Square Remembrance
SMHRIC Statement (2) at the United Nations Permanent Forum for Indigenous Issues 8th Session
SMHRIC Statement (1) at the United Nations Permanent Forum for Indigenous Issues 8th Session
Wife of Jailed Mongol Fights Lonely Battle
Summaries of SMHRIC Statement and the Chinese Government Delegate's Response to It
China's Mongols See Bleak Future for Their Culture
Two Arrested and One Detained in Southern (Inner) Mongolia for Alleged Involvement in "Separatism"
Man Imprisoned in China for Publicizing Land Appropriation
The Plight of Mongolian Herders in Southern Mongolia
Xinna's Statement: Information Manipulation through Intimidation
CPPCC Member Fang Xingyao Recommends The Government Organize Chinese Peasants to Open up Frontier Areas
Beijing Spring and Autumn: Discrimination against the Minorities
"Fence and Fine" Policy in Southern (Inner) Mongolia
Xinna's Statement on "Charter 08"
Large-scale Teachers' Strike in Inner Mongolia
Statement of Enhebatu Togochog at the "Ethnicity with Chinese Characteristics? The Chinese State and Tibetan, Uyghurs and Mongol Identities" by NED
China's Ethnic Mongolians Hang on to Identity by a Thread
SMHRIC Statement at the Interethnic Interfaith Conference
Mongols in China "Losing Their Identity"
Mongolian Dissident's Wife Speaks Out
US Congressional Executive Commission on China Annual Report 2008
BBC Slander about Inner Mongolia, Willfully Linking It to Tibet and Xinjiang
International Community Ignoring the Violation of Rights of the Mongols
Mongolians are China's Forgotten Minority --- Dissident
Huhhot Cultural Market Inspectors Confiscated 500+ Illegal Publications
Cracks in China's Information Restriction Policy in Southern Mongolia
UNPO Draws Attention to the Plight of Ethnic Minorities in Inner Mongolia, Tibet, and East Turkistan
Xinna's Letter to PEN American Center
Write in Exile --- Three Seasons Away from Freedom
Another Mongolian Arrested for Alleged Link to "Separatists"
Mongolian Genocide by Communist China during the Cultural Revolution in Inner Mongolia
China Targets Mongolians in Quiet Pre-Games Crackdown
China's Mongolians Unsettled by Ulaabaatar Violence
China Urged to Free Mongolian Dissident
Southern Mongolians Demonstrate in Japan
Mongolian Dissident Freed, Months Later
Jaranbayariin Soyolt Released and Deported back to Mongolia
Amnesty International's Urgent Action on J.Soyolt's Case
China's Official Response to Mongolia on J.Soyolt's Case
Mongolian Rights Advocate Released from Detention, Placed under House Arrest
Mongolian Activist in Danger
Repression of Journalists Continues with Two More Arrest
Mongolian Writer under House Arrest
SMHRIC Statement to UNPFII 7th Session
Building for the Future
Well-known Journalist under House Arrest following 20 days Detention
Hada's Orally Dictated Testimony to His Wife Xinna during Her Visit to the Prison
Postcard: Inner Mongolia (TIME)
Mongolian Former Supreme Court Justice Gombosuren Ganzorig's Open Letter to the President of Mongolia
Hada's Wife Xinna's Open Letter to Chinese President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao
Mongolian Herdsmen No Longer Free to Roam
China Detains Mongolian Dissident at Airport
Mongolian Dissident Arrested in Beijing
Dissident's Book Seized in Inner Mongolia
Tibetan Language Seen Hurt by China's Neglect
More Than 40 Members of Chinese House Church Alliance Detained in Inner Mongolia; South Korean Minister Also Missing
Dissident's Book Confiscated in Southern (Inner) Mongolia
Mongolian Herders Demand Their Rights
Reign of Sand: In Inner Mongolia (Complete Multimedia Package)
Reign of Sand: In Inner Mongolia, Drought, Dust and Wind Unmoor a Way Life
Supporters of Dalai Lama Publish World Map Showing Independent Tibet, Combined State of Mongolia
Chinese People's Congress Admits Mongolian Language Usage Dropped Dramatically in Southern (Inner) Mongolia
How are Policies Implemented?
Nationalism and Globalization on the Inner Mongolia Frontier: A Commercialization of a Tamed Ethnicity
China: News of Mongolian Journalist Hada's Appealing Prison Condition
Visitation Report from Hada's Son Uiles
China Mistreating Detained Dissidents -- Reports
Southern Mongolian Herder's Representatives Attended the World Gathering of Nomadic and Transhumant Pastoralists in Segovia, Spain
PLA Kicks off War Game to Test Army's Real-time Data Collecting System in Battle
United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Interlaken Declaration on Animal Genetic Resources
Southern Mongolian Delegation Attended Herder's Rights Forum in Switzerland
Wilderswil Declaration on Livestock Diversity
People Flock to See Shepherd Protest
Mongolian Dissident's Passport Application Denied for "Possible Harm to State Security and National Interests"
China Lauds Minority Rights on Key Anniversary
Exile Group Condemns Inner Mongolia Celebrations
China Denies Mistreating Ethnic Mongolian
Repression in Inner Mongolia Continues as Jailed Journalist is Mistreated and Websites Closed
Mongolian Internet Forum Closed for Discussing Ethnic Problems
China, Mongolian FMs Agree to Boost Relations
Inaugural Meeting of the Task Force on Protected Areas, Equity and Livelihoods Held in Bangkok, Thailand
Mongolia Shows the Way; Recognizes Tibet as Independent State
Residents Fight Forced Evictions in Inner Mongolia
SMHRIC President Nominated as the Representative of the WCPA/CEESP Asia Task Force
Two Top Officials Questioned in Inner Mongolia Graft Investigation
Fundamental Rights of Asia's Native People Increasingly Violated, Situation Long Neglected, United Nations Forum Told
Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center's Statement at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) 6th Session
Policeman Stabbed in Tiananmen Square
HRIC/MRG Joint Press Release: China's Development Strategy Fails to Benefit Critical Ethnic Minorities and Masks Represssion
Mongolian Villager Beaten to Death for Reclaiming His Land from Chinese Occupiers
China Crack Down on Pirated, Porno Publications
Prominent Dissident Muunohai's Book Banned as Suppression of Mongolian Publications Intensifies
Films Capture Mongolian Life for Posterity
Ethnic Tensions Simmer on Inner Mongolian Plains
Free the Press
Mongol Region Wags the Chinese Dog
Dissident's Health Worsening, Wife Says(photo attached)
Christmas Celebration Raided in Inner Mongolia, Rearrested Christian Leader Bailed in Xinjiang
"China Claims Mongol as Hero: The Move has Outraged Mongolians and Mao Fans too," Writes Graeme Baker
China Claims Genghis Khan as One of Its Own Abuse of History, Tourists Hype or Ethnic Integration Strategy? Mure Dickie Examines the Sinification of the Mongolian Emperor
Mongolian Bookstores and Souvenir Shops Raided
China Begins to Exploit Its Larger Gas Field
"Misused Power and Threatened People": Mongolian Villagers Arrested and Detained for Resisting the Government's Occupation of Their Grazing Land
China Holds Its Biggest Anti-terrorism Exercises
Experts Call for Protection of Traditional Ethnic Medicines
Press Release: SMHRIC to Receive Grant from NED
(LEAD) China's Distortion of History Targets Neighbors, Ethnic Minorities
PLA Uses Laser Imitator in "Tank War"
Local Mongols Clash with Chinese Police for Resisting Illegal Land Appropriation, Mongolian Women Beaten up and Two Injected with Drug While Being Detained
Rules Ignored, Toxic Sludge Sinks Chinese Village
House Church in Inner Mongolia Raided, Women Missionary Sentenced to Re-education Through Labor, Civil Rights Activist, Chen Guangchang Sentenced(photo attached)
State Council Punishes Inner Mongolia Authorities: Too Autonomous(photo attached)
Inner Mongolia Wants Help in Battling Dust Storms(photo attached)
Cultural and Religious State of the Mongols in China(photo attached)
Chinese Defense Minister Inspects Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang Border
Chinese Top Official Urges Ethnic Unity to Boost Development in Inner Mongolia(photo attached)
Resolve Factors of Instability from Source in Inner Mongolia: Luo Gan(photo attached)
"Grassland Olympic" to be Held in China 2008
Trial for Mongolian Couple Accused of "Evil Cult Practice", Spectators Assaulted for Asking a Question During Court Proceedings(photo attached)
Ping Pong Propaganda(photo attached)
Desert Storm(photo attached)
Statement of the SMHRIC to the WAMIP at the UNDP(photo attached)
Growth Takes Toll on Environment
Mills Accused Over Waste Discharge
Two Internet Sites Shut Down in Inner Mongolia
Frequent Sandstorms Challenge Traditional Farming Methods
Southern Mongolian Exiles Demonstrate in Sweden(photo attached)
Hong Kong Paper Says Chinese Officials Disregard People's Views
China Strives to Save Grassland as Farmers Grab "Rich" Plant
President Calls for High-level Exchanges with Mongolia
Ethnic Mongols from China See Ally in Japan
Inner Mongolia Grassland Mongols Out and Chinese In(photo attached)
China Imposing Grazing Ban in Order to Save Pasture
Ethnic Mongolian Population Increases to 4 Million in Inner Mongolia
Mongolian Audio and Video Products Confiscated(photo attached)
"Support the Independence of Southern Mongolia" Meeting Held in Kyoto(photo attached)
Southern Mongols Demonstrate in Front of Tokyo's Chinese Embassy(photo attached)
Historic Special Meeting Held in Japan by the Inner Mongolian People's Party(photo attached)
Southern Mongolian Internet Forum Attacked by Hackers(photo attached)
Joint Statement by Southern Mongolian Organizations in Exile on International Human Rights Day(photo attached)
Auspicious Moss Stays on Menus Despite Ban
China Admits Flaws But Slams Rights Report
Inner Mongolia to Set Up Special Force to Fight Riot, Terror
Chinese-owned Business in Mongolia Attacked
IMPP Members Protest Hu Jintao in Germany
Security Head Tours Restive Chinese Region
Chinese State Councillor Urges Inner Mongolia Social Harmony Efforts
China Shuts Down Two Websites in Widening Internet Crackdown
Two Inner Mongolian Websites Closed Because of "Separatist" Content
Two Mongolian-language Internet Sites Shutdown for Posting "Separatist" Contents(photo attached)
Members and Supporters of the IMPP in Europe Held Demonstration to Protest Against the CCP (photo attached)
China Begins War Games with Foreign Observers
Penguin Buys Rights to Chinese Novel
Inner Mongolia Officially Launches Internet Cafe Intelligent Control System(photo attached)
How the Last Hunters in China Became an Endangered Species
A Southern Mongolian's Statement at 2005 Tibetan March in Front of UN Headquarter(photo attached)
Dozens Hurt as Police, Farmers Clash in China(photo attached)
Chinese Authorities Trample on Land Rights of Mongol Villagers(photo attached)
First Mechanism to Fight Terrorism
China to Establish "Three Northern" Regional Anti-terror Defense Line
Couple Arrested for Practicing Mongolian Medicine(photo attached)
Western China loses 18 billion dollars a year to environmental degradation
Like Japan's, Chinese textbooks are adept at rewriting history
Inner Mongolian exiles mark China's 58 years occupation of Inner Mongolia(photo attached)
A joint letter by 22 US Congressmen to the Chinese President Hu Jin-tao
Inner Mongolia to reduce herding population while increasing cultivation area
Plains spoken(photo attached)
China must first learn to act like an adult
Inside China: Yuan Hongbing(photo attached)
Ecological Migration: Environment, Ethnicity, and Human Rights in Inner Mongolia
Chinese companies' illegal occupation of Mongolian herders' grassland in Ujumchin Left Banner, Inner Mongolia(photo attached)
China's regional ethnic autonomy law: Does it protect minority rights?
Relocation of Mongolian herdsmen 'massive abuse'
Regional Autonomy for Ethnic Minorities in China --- A Mongol's View
Excerpts from U.S. State Department 2004 Human Rights Annual Report
Inner Mongolia, tribe resists bid to turn shrine into a theme park(photo attached)
Inner Mongolian environment threatened, nomads forced to leave(photo attached)
Amnesty Inernational urgent action on Hada(photo attached)
Political prisoner Hada suffers torture in prison(photo attached)
Inner Mongolia: Holding back the desert
A letter from ethnic Mongolian dissident Mr. Muunohai to the Chinese president Hu Jin Tao
The Mongols are coming to China! With heavy metals! (photo attached)
Mongolia to establish free economic zone on China-Mongolian border area
Tourist site for Genghis Khan is condemned by Mongols
China plans Genghis Khan tourist site
China walls out Mongolian band (photo attached)
Open letter from Mongol People Group to the United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan
Population boom, development quicken spread of desert in China
Open letter from Mongol American Cultural Association (MACA) to the Chinese Embassy to the United States
China cracks down on Mongolian protests
Mongolian rock shows stopped
Mongolian music concerts cancelled over fears of tensions on Chinese campus
China insists Genghis Khan's grave is in Chinese territory
Open letter from the Darhad Mongols
Mongols resist government's plan of privatizing Chinggis Khaan Mausoleum, police impose curfew on college campuses in Inner Mongolia (photo attached)
Protests by European members of Inner Mongolian People's Party (photo attached)
Inner Mongolian political prisoner's deteriorating health (photo attached)
Chinese dissident seeks asylum
2,700 'hair weed' digging trespassers driven out of Alshaa grasslands
Irresponsible cultivation causes desertification, environmental destruction threatens Beijing
China detains Buddhist leader
Ereen-Hot Municipality lends every effort to implement ecological immigration project
Yellow River suffers terrible pollution in Inner Mongolia
"Herbal locusts" invade Inner Mongolian grasslands (photo attached)
How grasslands turn to desert? (photo attached)
Inner Mongolian dissident speaks on human rights and terrorism (photo attached)
Inner Mongolian dissidents protest in Sweden (photo attached)
Overview of Inner Mongolian separatist organizations abroad
Authorities block Wall Street Journal and Deutsche Welle sites  (photo attached)
Mongolian student killed in Inner Mongolia for singing Mongolian songs
Internet forum shut down in Inner Mongolia
Books confiscated in Inner Mongolia
Use of litigant's native language denied in Chinese civil court
Mongolian oil could help China's energy woes
The end of Florida Splendid China (photo attached)
Two more Mongolian Aimags converted to Shi's in Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region  (photo attached)
Mongols and Uyghurs protest in Sweden  (photo attached)
Power plant project forces local Mongols to abandon ancestral lands (photo attached)
China coaxes last hunters out of primaeval forest  (photo attached)
Foreign military personnel watch PRC military exercise in Inner Mongolia  (photo attached)
Inner Mongolian authorities carry out new policies: Land use first, formalities later on
Beijing Replaces Minority Language Radio programs with Ones in Chinese
Inner Mongolian People's Party Marks 56 Years of Chinese Occupation  (photo attached)
Chinese peasants from Ning Xia Province poured into Alashaa Left Banner’s grasslands to dig hair weeds  (photo attached)
Government Crack Down on Internet Cafes in Inner Mongolia  (photo attached)
Inner Mongolian Herders Kicked Out of Pastures, Robbed, Beaten
China Releases Ethnic Mongolian Dissident Three Years Early
Inner Mongolian Dissident Tegexi Released After Seven Years imprisonment
Statement by Enhebatu Togochog, president, Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center, to the Congressional-Executive Commission on China (2)
Statement by Oyunbilig, Executive Director of the Inner Mongolian People's Party, to the Congressional-Executive Commission on China
Tongliao City to Start a Complete Prohibition of Livestock Herding from December 1
Inner Mongolia Plans to Displace 650,000 People Within 6 Years
Book Review: “The Mongols at China's Edge: History and the Politics of National Unity” by Uradyn Bulag
Listen to what a Southern Mongolian says about his country, which has been ruled by Communist China for over half a century  (photo attached)
Regional Capital to Purify Publication Markets
October 26: Demonstration in Washington, Paris, Moscow, Canberra and Brussels for Freedom and Democracy in Laos
PetroChina Starts Building Pipe in Inner Mongolia
Southern Mongolia/China: Persecutions of the Wife and Son of Mr. Hada, Detained Leader of the Democratic Alliance.  Question to the European Commission
Inner Mongolian dissident’s wife reports brutal treatment of her imprisoned son
Ecological Immigrations to return grass and forest
Statement by Enhebatu Togochog, president, Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center, to the Congressional-Executive Commission on China (1)
Statement By Christine Shea, Coordinator of Amnesty International Group 284, Open Forum on Human Rights in China , 05 August 2002
Mongolian Dissident's Wife Deported from China
Statement to the United Nations First Session on the Permanent Forum for Indigenous Issues by the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center
Southern Mongolia: A tragedy in three acts. A human tragedy, an ecological disaster, and finally another human tragedy under the pretext of fighting the ecological disaster. Question to the Commission
Inner Mongolian human rights organization demonstrated on the 55th anniversary of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region  (photo attached)


From Yeke-juu League to Ordos Municipality: settler colonialism and alter/native urbanization in Inner Mongolia

Close to Eden (Urga): France, Soviet Union, directed by Nikita Mikhilkov

Beyond Great WallsBeyond Great Walls: Environment, Identity, and Development on the Chinese Grasslands of Inner Mongolia

The Mongols at China's EdgeThe Mongols at China's Edge: History and the Politics of National Unity

China's Pastoral RegionChina's Pastoral Region: Sheep and Wool, Minority Nationalities, Rangeland Degradation and Sustainable Development

Changing Inner MongoliaChanging Inner Mongolia: Pastoral Mongolian Society and the Chinese State (Oxford Studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology)

Grasslands and Grassland Science in Northern ChinaGrasslands and Grassland Science in Northern China: A Report of the Committee on Scholarly Communication With the People's Republic of China

The Ordos Plateau of ChinaThe Ordos Plateau of China: An Endangered Environment (Unu Studies on Critical Environmental Regions)
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