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  Phone Interview with Ms. Hanshuulan, Hada’s Mother-in-Law (2013-01-22)
Jan 23, 2012
New York


Brief reunion in December 2010 at an undisclosed place in Hohhot (from left: Xinna, Hanshuulan, Hada and Naraa)  

The following is a phone interview with Ms Hanshuulan, 86-years old, mother of Hada’s wife Xinna, by SMHRIC. Until just recently, Ms. Hanshuulan had been prohibited by the Chinese authorities from talking to any foreign news media and human rights organizations in an effort to prevent the flow of any information about Hada and his family members to the outside. The Chinese Public Security authorities told Ms. Hanshuulan that Hada is still being imprisoned because Hanshuulan and Hada’s other family members have not severed their connection with “foreign hostile forces”.

SMHRIC: How are you?

Hanshuulan: I am fine, and you?

SMHRIC: We are members of SMHRIC, calling from the United States. How is the situation there?

Hanshuulan: My son was allowed to see Xinna a few days ago. Xinna’s son Uiles is still not allowed to work. The authorities fear any contact he might have with others if he is allowed to work. Hada’s health condition is not as terrible as before.

SMHRIC: Was Xinna allowed to visit Hada once recently? 

Hanshuulan: Yes, she was. She was allowed to stay with him there for about a week and returned home on January 8, 2013.

SMHRIC: But, we tried to reach both Xinna and Uiles over the phone many times recently. Neither is answering the phone.

Hanshuulan: Yes, I know. Even my phone was disconnected every time after I answered overseas phone calls. For example, they (the Chinese authorities) cut off my phone line for days after I talked with you several times in the past.

SMHRIC: How does Hada’s health condition appear now?

Hanshuulan: Hada’s health condition seems not to be too terrible now. The food he is given seems to be okay compared to what he was given previously, which was even worse than pig food. Now, at least he is given some vegetables. A new development is that he is provided with some alcoholic drinks.

SMHRIC: It is interesting, but it might be harmful for his already-weakened health if the amount is not properly controlled.

Hanshuulan: Yes, I understand. We really thank you all for the care and love you showed to him and us throughout these difficult years.

SMHRIC: Is there any sign or word on Hada’s release from the authorities?

Hanshuulan: No, no. Never. To them, this is a taboo. It can never be discussed openly. My second son was recently summoned to meet with the Autonomous Region leaders who complained to him that myself, Xinna and other members of Hada’s family and relatives are still answering overseas phone calls and not stopping to reveal the situation of Hada and his family to overseas organizations and individuals. Their intention is very clear: not a single piece of information on Southern Mongolia, not a single piece of information on how they are treating Hada, Xinna and their family and relatives should be heard by the international community. This is their policy toward Southern Mongolia. If we do not obey this, Hada will not be released. This is nonsense, outrageous and illegal. The law is simply ignored here. Otherwise, Hada should have already been released after serving his 15 year prison term two years ago. If the law is implemented faithfully, how can he continue to be imprisoned without any legal basis?  Rights including the right to communicate with others abroad are guaranteed in the law. The problem is, the law is simply not followed. My second son who lives in Beijing was recently visited twice by the officials from the Autonomous Region. What they do is to pressure him. They told him that they are really concerned about Hada and his family members’ well-being, and trying hard to help them out. But what is preventing them from helping the family are the acts of family members who communicate with foreigners and reveal the situation in Southern Mongolia to the world.

SMHRIC: So, does it mean that Hada is still refusing to cooperate with the authorities and refusing to sign any paper admitting to any wrongdoing or crime?

Hanshuulan: Yes, he is still rejecting any cooperation with the authorities. You know how determined Hada is. What the authorities are trying to do is to have him verbally admit to the “wrongdoing” and sign a paper for confirmation. Hada has never accepted and will never, because what Hada did was nothing but merely express his thoughts. Who doesn’t have any thoughts? Every human being has thoughts no matter who he is, whether a Mongolian or a Chinese. Do you think the Chinese don’t have any thoughts? Do you think the Government does not have any thoughts?

SMHIRC: Is there any improvement in Southern Mongolia after the recent leadership changes in the government?

Hanshuulan: The heartless man named Hu Chunhua has gone. He himself was a mastermind of orchestrating ethnic conflicts by the Chinese against the Mongolians.

SMHRIC: The new leader is Wang Jun, right? Is he any better than Hu Chunhua?

Hanshuulan: No guarantee. Since he is new, we still can’t tell what type of tactics he will employ. No matter who comes, there can’t be any happy and easy life for us Mongolians in Southern Mongolia. The difference in policies and treatment toward the Chinese and the Mongolians is huge, unbearably huge. Who is causing the conflicts between the Mongolians and the Chinese is not us but them. If there is any conflict between the Mongolians and the Chinese, the authorities should address it to calm the people. But instead what they do is to provoke further conflicts. ……(Hanshuulan’s serious coughing)

SMHRIC: Are you okay? We’ll wrap up the interview now.

Hanshuulan: Thank you very much. We are really grateful to you all for your continuing support to us.



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